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Acrylic Monogram Necklaces

Monogram necklaces are one of the hottest trends right now and a classically cute way for you to wear your initials or any other letter combination that has special meaning to you. Design an acrylic initial necklace that is truly unique by mixing and matching color and text combinations, custom chain color and lengths. Available in a wide variety of colors from classic black or white to fashionable tortoise shell, hot pink, aqua and neon lime green. A monogram necklace from lulukate is a truly personalized gift!

Sorority & Greek Letter Jewelry

We can personalize necklaces with Greek sorority letters so you can proudly wear them wherever you go. Whether you are new to a sorority or are approaching your college reunion, necklaces monogrammed with sorority letters show unity among sisters. Made with the highest quality materials, they are like the bond you have with your sorority sisters- strong and long- lasting.